Digital Inclusion
Whether applying for a job, doing homework, or starting a business, all our residents need digital skills, tools, and connectivity. This work directly addresses the digital divide in Louisville and aims to create digital equity for all residents.
We will be successful when…
All Louisville residents have equitable access to digital skills, internet connectivity and computers.


  • Increase home internet access
    • Number of households signed up for low-cost internet plans
  • Get more computers into people's homes
    • Number of computers distributed
  • Close adult digital skills gap
    • Number of residents completing digital skills pathway


Digital Skills Pathway

We partner with local organizations like Goodwill to train residents in basic digital skills from the Grow with Google platform. The program uses a free online video curriculum to teach adult students the skills they need for success in the classroom, workplace, and everyday life. Once the participants complete the 10-hour training program, they receive a computer free of charge.

Computer Refurbishment Program

22% of Louisville households do not have a computer at home. This program takes donated computers from organizations and individuals around Louisville and reimages them with open source software before distributing them to in-need families. The program has donated over 500 computers to families in Louisville without a useable computer at home.

Low Cost Internet Sign Ups

Louisville Metro has been working to get eligible Louisville residents signed up for locally available low-cost internet plans. To get in front of as many people as possible, we conducted sign-ups at events held by partners, such as Neighborhood Places and JCPS. We also incorporated low-cost sign-ups into the flow of work for employees that work with the eligible populations. Since July 2017, we have signed up over 750 households for low-cost internet service.

Things that inform our work

Long-term, three prong approach to focused on achieving Digital Equity in Louisville metro area that generates Inclusive activities around: Digital Skills, Connectivity and Hardware
NDIA is a national organization dedicated to the systematic approach to Digital Inclusion and Digital Equity, sharing best practices, building coalition and providing research for local affiliates to use and implement.