Public Safety
Our number one priority is to provide a safe community for all our residents, no matter where they live. Effective use of data and technology can support our public safety officials as they serve our community. This initiative will support our public safety agencies to accomplish their mission to provide a safe community for all Louisville residents.
We will be successful when…
Public Safety agencies at the technology and data tools to improve public safety for all Louisville neighborhoods


  • Create a data sharing platform to share relevant law enforcement data with outside law enforcement agencies and community groups doing violence prevention work
    • % of shareable data sets in warehouse
  • Reduce VAP fires that spread to other buildings
    • % of VAP Fires in Fire District 1 that spread to another building
  • Create Privacy policy to promote transparency for our public safety monitoring
    • Acceptance of privacy policy


Fires in Vacant and Abandon Properties (VAP) are a major issue for Louisville. Analyzing data from 2012 to 2015, we found that 27.2% of fires in the West End Fire District started in a Vacant and Abandoned [VAP] property. And, that close to half of fires that spread to another building, started in a VAP. For the last three years, the Office of Civic Innovation and Technology has worked with a local startup to build a technology that can detect fires in VAPs. To respond to fires more quickly in VAPs, we will deploy up to 150 innovative, one-of-a-kind devices in structures with a high-risk to catch on fire to catch these fires in their early stages to limit the chance they spread and endanger homes where people live. In 2020, this project was selected as a Smart 50 award recipient by Smart Cities Connect.
The Real time Crime Center (RTCC) is a 24/7 unit that supports LMPD real time operations and investigations. The RTCC proactively and reactively monitors cameras installed throughout Metro Louisville. Unit members may observe situations requiring a police presence and provide real time intelligence to support dispatchers and responding officers during ongoing incidents. All cameras are located within public areas such as roadways, sidewalks, parks, etc. Camera usage is routinely audited to ensure that established policies and procedures are being followed.

Things that inform our work

Since coming into office, Mayor Fischer has made Public Safety his number one priority.
Violence prevention plan organized and managed by the Office of Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods