About Smart Louisville
Overview of the Smart Louisville program

What does the phrase Smart City mean to Louisville?

To Louisville, Smart City is about finding new ways to use big data and innovative technologies to better serve our residents

Mayor Greg Fischer

“The world is changing more rapidly than at any time in human history: technologically, socially, economically. The Smart City movement leans into those changes and challenges. We have no choice. The future won’t wait for us. The rest of the world won’t wait for us. Our citizens and our businesses won’t wait – and they shouldn’t. Our job is to do more than react to change – it’s to leap ahead. Embrace innovation.”

Here is what we want you to take away from this playbook

  • Smart City projects take on community-driven challenges, not technological-driven ones
  • We pursue innovative ideas with our departments and community
  • Our team looks to partner with a diverse set of groups on projects and grants
  • Effective, responsible use of big data and technology will improve government services
  • Louisville Metro needs to be prepared for emerging technologies to maximize their benefits and mitigate potential downsides

About this plan

The Smart Louisville Playbook aims to enhance the abilities of public service employees and residents by empowering them to solve public problems using existing and emerging technologies. It does this by starting with understanding the challenges our departments and community face and then incorporating technologies that can help solve the problems rather than thinking that technology alone will fix them.
The playbook lays our strategic plan to build our Smart City Platform, the core technology and governance elements, and pursue community goals in our focus areas. The Smart City Platform consists of the foundational elements required to support our departments as they become more reliant on advanced technologies to do their daily work. And, the Focus Areas allow us to work with departments, the community and private companies to move the needle on some of Louisville's biggest challenges while learning more about what our enterprise and community need and want from our Smart Louisville work.
This plan will be a living strategy document, updated annually, that helps Louisville Metro Government shape and guide the technological transformation of both our government and community as we build our Smart City.